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Six Word Stories 2.0

cause we have no lives

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Six Word Stories Elite

This community is a spinoff of the popular RP community sixwordstories. Only this community requires an application all other rules are exactly the same.

While we share former mods with SWS we are not affiliating ourselves with that community.

It is inspiration and exploration and creation. It is what you make it, so long as you make it six words. Please read this post for more information.

Do, Please
Write a story in six words.
Write, edit, delete and be inspired.
Write lots! Multiple stories? Multiple entries!

Don't, Please ...

Don't use more than six words.
Don't use titles. There's no need.
Don't introduce yourself. Just start writing.
Don't promote communities here. There are plenty of comms out there for that.
Don't post anything dealing with raping someone or anything that will lead to sexually explicit content. That is meant for your journal. This is not the place or the time for that.

Rules for joining

01. You must apply for this community. The application requires that you write a 250-500 word sample that shows that you know the character you are requesting. I know this is only a six words comm but we want to make sure that you can grasp your character. One set of six words is not enough for that. See the application Here.

02. We're still multiple muses and no limit on how many you have. Again just apply.

03. each entry/post you make into sws_elite should contain in it's entirety, no more than six words. Slight strike outs are allowed but don't over do it. The post goes over 10 words including strike outs, you will be asked to edit it. If you do not it will be deleted.

04. Your post should contain one story and one story only. if you have more than one story to share, by all means, make another post.

05. do not use titles. ok? thanks. This means do not put anything in the subject line of your story.

06. Fandom based content is welcomes as well as encouraged muse interaction both in the comm and on the individual journals. Get to know each other, make friends, have fun.

07. Please remember however there are multiple versions of muses around and I do not wish to see any bashing on another version of a muse you may play or play with just because they are not yours or not the one you know. It is your choice that if you see another version of yourself or a friend of your muses to ignore them. Please treat each other with respect and have fun.

08. If a complaint is lodged? It will be addressed by the mod and a public post will be made.

09. Any threads dealing with rape/sexual intercourse should not be posted here. Post it in your journal and let the other parties involved know about the thread.

10. If you post a thread dealing with rape/sexual intercourse, you will be warned and the thread will be deleted. If it continues? You will be banned from the community. There's no three strike rule, it's a warning then you're out. This has always been a ALL ages community and will remain such.

11. The phrase you must put into the subject of your application is "The only unimaginable fate is one without you."

If you can't help it and have issues with someone and want to rant? Keep it out of the community and take it to bad_rpers_suck it's what the comm is for. There is also rants.

Also if you are on the opposite end of that and want to praise? Again keep it out of this community and take it to fangirlingthing or good_rpers_rock

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